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Instant access to the right information

Instead of searching for documents in Wikis and shared drives, or asking colleagues hoping they are available and know the answer, Panto users simply ask and receive the right answers in seconds.
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AI speed

Unlock productivity

Employees spend on average 20% of their time looking for information. brings the time to get an answer from hours or sometimes days, to seconds.


Grow your revenues

Empower your revenue teams with instant and accurate access to the corporate knowledge they need, when they need it, where they need it.

human + machine intelligence

Capture tribal knowledge

When the AI doesn't know the answer, it reaches out to your experts for help. We record your expert's answers, permanently growing your knowledge base in real time.

Information is power

Panto AI captures and makes visible information hidden across the organization, and helps to keep it always fresh and up to date.
Documents & Wikis

Panto automatically indexes and makes accessible the content of your file sharing systems (es. Google Drive) and Wikis.

Apps and Services

Panto integrates with your key systems and apps (Email, Slack, Salesforce)


Panto learns from your best team members and makes this knowledge accessible to everyone within the Org.

Less work, more flow.

Knowledge is generated in a multitude of apps and systems, and wherever your team works.
Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Panto's ever-growing list of integrations can tie all of your knowledge together and establish a single source of truth, while making sure you can access it all, easily, in your own workflows.
Google Drive
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Get instant access to the right information

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